Fitting Orluna Downlights

At NeoGear we work with a range of light fitting suppliers. However, one brand which we highly recommend is Orluna. They provide the UK’s best-selling architectural downlight, created in order to provide the finest light quality. This allows you or interior designer to create the desired mood or atmosphere within any area of the home or office.

The warm to dim engine type which dims from 3000k down to 1800k and is suitable for any area where a cosy ambience is desired, such as lounges, snugs, bars or restaurants. This lighting transition can also perfectly suit areas where different settings would be essential, for example in the kitchen you’d need brighter light to cook but a dimmer light to relax while dining.

With the warm to dim driver types you’ll also benefit from:

  • A smooth and defined single beam of light
  • Gradual warming to a glowing 1800k
  • A consistent colour and intensity across the beam
  • Accurate beam angles
  • True colours – 95 CRI
  • The bean maintains its shape throughout the dimming cycle

We particularly like working with Orluna fittings for the ease of install as well as the stunning and seamless finished look of a room you can be proud to label as your own work.

As seen below the Orluna fittings can be fitted with a plaster in plate in 4 easy steps. 

3 step image tutorial to fit orluna light fittingHow to fit Orluna light in 4 steps

If any help, assistance or information was required for you to fit these downlights we would be happy to help.

Email, call 0121 200 1159 or message our online chat.


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