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The QS Sensor Module (QSM) integrates Lutron® wireless and wired sensors and controls through the QS communication link to Energi Savr NodeTM units,GRAFIK Eye® QS, Quantum®, and Sivoia® QS shades and draperies. This is the QSM3-4W-C (868 MHz - CE) version.

Connects to 4 wired sensors, 10 wireless occupancy/vacncy sensors, 10 wireless daylight sensors and 10 wireless Pico Controllers 


  • Uses Clear ConnectTM RF Technology for communication with Radio Powr SavrTM occupancy sensors, Radio Powr Savr daylight sensors, and Pico® wireless controllers.
  • QSM connects to four Lutron wired sensors or controls—occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, EcoSystem® infrared (IR) receivers, or EcoSystem wallstations.
  • Powered by the QS link—no line voltage connections are required.
  • Compatible with the entire Energi Savr Node (ESN) product family:
  • - Energi Savr Node and Energi Savr Node QS models starting with QSN- or QSNE-.
    - Allows Lutron wired occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, EcoSystem wall stations, and EcoSystem IR receivers or Radio Powr Savr wireless occupancy sensors and daylight sensors to control Energi Savr Node units.
  • Compatible with GRAFIK Eye QS.
    - GRAFIK Eye QS models starting with QSGR-, QSGRJ-, or QSGRK-.
    - Allows Lutron wired or Radio Powr Savr wireless occupancy sensors and daylight sensors linked to QSM to control the GRAFIK Eye QS.
    - Contact Lutron for compatibility with Pico wireless controllers, EcoSystem wallstations, and EcoSystem infrared (IR) receivers.
  • Compatible with Sivoia QS shades and draperies.
    - Allows Pico wireless controllers to control Sivoia QS shades and draperies.

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