Orluna Engine Types


ORIGIN 98CRI - R9 99

Richer Reds make all colours more vibrant and whites a truer white. This helps to enhance interior designer’s creation and compliment furnishing choices by showing a full spectrum of colour within fabrics and materials.

Orluna uniquely achieves richer reds through a bespoke phosphor LED giving an exceptionally high average colour rendering (CRI : 98) and the best red rendering available worldwide (R9 : 99). As reds are important in accurate representation of many colours (including true whites) the Origin makes colours look as intended.



ORIGIN has a smooth defined beam - Trubeam:




Origin Warm Dim is suitable for areas where a cosy ambience is desired, such as lounges, snugs, bars or restaurants. As the luminaire dims gently, the light colour gradually “warms” from 2700 Kelvin to a glowing warm 1800 Kelvin.

The Origin Warm Dim stays true to the Origin philosophy:

  • Smooth defined single beam

  • Consistent colour and intensity across the beam

  • Accurate beam angles – TruBeam

  • True colours – 95 CRI

  • The beam maintains its shape throughout the dimming cycle




Origin High Output is suitable for areas where maximum light output is required to light double height spaces.



Origin LoPro offers lower height fittings for use in areas where void heights are restricted.




The QUAD is Orluna’s original 85 CRI light engine and is believed to be the largest-selling specification grade downlight in the UK having sold over 800,000 units.

This range has an excellent quality of light, together with a sparkle, produced by a CREE multi-chip optic.