Infrastructure from Scolmore allows for personalised finished throughout the residential or commercial environments by having the choice of Scolmore CLICK® wiring accessories in 9 distinctive quality finishes and accessories are available with black or white inserts. This also means you can have uniformity across all fittings and faceplates in your property resulting in a sleek and uniformed appearance.

Using modernised faceplated and module combinations, unique to everyone's personal preferences, you can maximise the use and functionality of you home electrics and technology. This could be in the form of USB Charging Port to a Cat-6 Data Module. 



Deco: Plates  Switches   Power Socket Outlets   Fused Connection Units   Data Sockets   Unfurnished Plates   Back Boxes   Galvanised Boxes   Dry Lining Boxes   Standard Back Boxes

New Media: Unfurnished Plates   All Modules   Single Modules   Double Modules