A.3 - VSSL

A.3 - VSSL

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VSSL Streaming Amplifier, 6 Channels, 3 Zones, 3 Sources

Enjoy your music like never before. The VSSL A.3 gives you audio streaming for up to 3 zones in your house. Listen to any app in the world from up to 3 different devices on 3 different zones all at once. You can also group zones together for multi-room or whole-home listening.

  • With Native Streaming abilities, use any of your favorite apps to play music straight to desired audio zones
  • Zone control using any mobile device or tablet
  • 3x3x3: six different people listening to six different songs in six different zones at the same time
  • Easy to set up party zones
  • Easy to use app for installation and fine-tuned control
  • Patent Pending

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