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  • Lutron HomeWorks - QS Series P6 Processor
  • One HomeWorks QS processor is required per system. Fits ino HomeWorks QS Processor Enclosure, LV14-230, LV21-230 or PNL8 panel
  • QS series processors includes 2 x RJ-45 Ethernet Ports, 2 x Links either HWI or QS configuration ( 5 pin connectors ) and a power connector
  • Remote QS power modules can only be used with the QS series processor.
  • Each QS processor can control up to:-
  • HomeWorks HWI power panels (16 addresses / 256 zones)
  • Each QS processor can control up to 99 QS Devices / 512 Zones
  • HomeWorks QS wireless devices—RF link (99 devices / 100 zones)


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