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This is the Lutron RMK-5T-DV-B PowPack dimming module with 0-10V control ideal for Pico Wireless Controls. PowPak® Dimming Module with 0 – 10 V - Control. This PowPak Dimming Module with 0–10V Control is a radio frequency (RF) control that operates 0–10V-controlled fluorescent ballasts or LED drivers based on input from Pico® wireless controls and Radio Powr SavrTM sensors. The Dimming Module with 0 –10 V- Control is ideal for small areas (e.g., classrooms, conference rooms, private offices).

Communication with RF input devices (e.g., Pico® wireless controls, Radio Powr SavrTM sensors) is accomplished by using Lutron® Clear Connect® RF Technology.


  • Controls up to 60 mA of 0–10 V controlled fixtures together
  • Switches up to 5A total
  • 0–10 V control link automatically sources or sinks to the third party fixtures
  • Configurable high- and low-end trim
  • Various operating voltages available; refer to model number chart below for details on voltage requirements
  • Receives input from up to nine Pico® wireless controls, six Radio Powr SavrTM occupancy/vacancy sensors, and one Radio Powr SavrTM daylight sensor
  • Utilizes Lutron® Clear Connect® RF Technology; refer to model number chart below for frequency band data
  • Mounts to a US-style junction box through a standard-size knockout

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