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This PowPak contact closure output (CCO) module is designed for spaces where integration with third-party equipment through contact closures is desired.

The PowPak® CCO Module is a low-voltage radio frequency (RF) control that provides a single dry contact closure output based on input from Pico® controls and Radio Powr SavrTM occupancy and daylight sensors. It can be powered by to 24 V~ or 24 V- for easy connection and integration into building management, HVAC, VAV, and other 3rd-party systems. 


  • Single dry contact closure device
  • Receives input from up to 9 Pico® wireless controls, 6 Radio Powr Savr occupancy/vacancy sensors, and 1 Radio Powr Savr daylight sensor via Lutron reliable Clear Connect RF technology
  • Communication with RF input devices, such as Pico® controls and Radio Powr SavrTM sensors, is accomplished using Lutron® Clear Connect® RF Technology.
  • Button press programming to associate the module with the Radio Powr Savr sensors and Pico wireless controls 
  • Mounting: this module should be installed using the mounting tabs on the enclosure (screws not provided). The module can also be installed in a junction or marshalling box using the conduit nut provided. Consult local and national electrical codes for proper installation.

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