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The DALI Power Module is a DIN-rail mounted controller for DALI-compliant digital addressable loads, referred to as control gear. It provides DALI bus power and control for two independent DALI buses with up to 64 DALI-compliant digital addressable loads each.

Dali, 2 loops with 64 ballasts each 


  • Lutron HomeWorks QS Dali 2 x Loop 64 Ballasts provides power for either one or two loops of DALI compliant digitally addressable loads (up to 64 ballasts / LED drivers per loop)
  • Expand the system by linking nodes together and sharing sensors via the QS link
  • Default configuration requires no commissioning and directly connect to and provide power for wired sensors and controls
  • Each DALI loop can control a maximum of 16 zones
  • Requires 9DIN Module space in Lutron HomeWorks QS module DIN rail panel
  • Use with HomeWorks QS Series Systems

Eco Features

  • Save electricity when dimming - (dimming for example at 50% uses about ~52% electricity)
  • span>Soft start and dimming to 90% extends lamp life - incandescent lamps by 2-3 times, LV halogen lamps by up to 10 times


Specification Sheets

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