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The Power Module with EcoSystem unit is a DIN-rail mounted EcoSystem Loop controller for EcoSystem ballasts, drivers and devices. It provides EcoSystem Loop power and control for two independent EcoSystem Loops with up to 64 ballasts or drivers each


  • Lutron HomeWorks QS EcoSystem provides control of up to 128 EcoSystem ballasts, modules, and / or drivers (up to 64 per EcoSystem digital link)
  • Expand the system by linking nodes together and sharing sensors and controls via the QS link
  • Directly connect to and provide power for wired sensors and controls
  • Use with HomeWorks QS Series SystemsEco Features
  • Save electricity when dimming - (dimming for example at 50% uses about ~52% electricity)
  • Soft start and dimming to 90% extends lamp life - incandescent lamps by 2-3 times, LV halogen lamps by up to 10 times


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