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The QSE-IO contact closure interface provides integration with third-party equipment requiring contact closure input/output, including occupancy and vacancy sensors; motorized projection screens, skylights, and window shades; AV equipment; security systems; movable partition walls; and timeclocks. One QSE-IO interface provides five (5) dry contact closure outputs and five (5) inputs.


  • Integrates control of push buttons and sensors 
  • Each Contact Closure Interface uses one Wallstation address
  • Lutron HomeWorks QSE-IO Contact Closure Interface provides 5 inputs and 5 outputs 
  • Use with HomeWorks QS Series Systems
  • Provides both normally open (NO) contacts 
  • May be programmed to control or control any combination GRAFIK Eye® QS control units or control any combination of Sivoia® QS window treatments on the QS link

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